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PF Series PBL Implementation

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(View to see proposed timeline for lead up preparation)


From JK: In time for Educon, have topics and flow outlined enough so we can seek guest and audience participation there.

Use distribution list from Educon to invite participation after Educon.

Also while at Educon, could we seek wise counsel from kids? From a kid perspective, what does the project process feel like? What seem to be the characteristics of projects that *really go*?




Session 1 

participant link: http://tinyurl.com/ykmryux

Moderator link: https://sas.elluminate.com/m.jnlp?sid=2008350&miuid=009B092055696A8419FD4F1D5CB294A0

Session 2

March 4

participant link: 



Session 3

March 11

Anthony Armstrong ~ 8 gr History 1. Neil Stephenson (HS)--focusing on front-end issues; framing initial problem/inquiry to ensure project success 1. George Mayo, gr. 6

2. Sue Boudreau (MS): project management tool, modeled on industry approach; doing science projects that get kids working on authentic/world-changing issues

2. Connie Weber

3. Nichole Kotasek (HS): Proj Foundry user; strategies for prj management/teams, etc.

1st session only


3. (maybe?)

Christian Long



1. Lisa Parisi (elem)--2nd session only

2. Sue Boudreau (MS)

3. Neil Stephenson (HS)


Connie Weber (elem)?

Terry Smith   George Mayo, gr. 6


Suggested Names for Series


From SB:

Better with Practice: PBL Implementation Tips from the Field

Project Primer: Strategies for Success with PBL

PBL Practice: Classroom Strategies



Series Planning

(notes from meeting with Shane, 1/7/10)

Shane: Will introduce PF at start, end of webinars. With 2nd event, will look for opportunities to make more direct connections to PF (i.e., trial accounts to those who want to try workspace). Also, bring in PF "super users" as part of conversation (example: Paul Tweed, Wildlands School).


Suzie: Look for range of exemplars, from individual teachers to whole-school/PBL implementation models.


Shane: Becky is teacher guiding conversation on PF site ("featurettes"). May be way down the road to link webinar audience to this conversation, expand on Ning.




--Name for webinar series (and each event): Jane and Suzie to brainstorm/suggest

--Set dates: start in mid-Feb., then plan for events two weeks apart


--Marketing channels:




ISTE/as ISTE author event

PF (Shane)

CR2.0/Future of Ed/LearnCentral



Chris Lehmann

Vicki Davis

Wes Fryer

Bud the Teacher

Terry Smith

Invited guests

PBL Diigo group

EduCon attendees (send email after Philly)




BIE consultants/faculty

Paul Allison/Teachers Teaching Teachers

PBL Yahoo group

Karl Fisch


--Prompts: open-ended, to help shape conversation for each session 


--Each event: ends with some prep for next event/next steps


--Featured guests: experts in PBL to talk about something specific/identified in advance


--Calendar: JK will set up


--Mktg copy (including bios): SB to draft


Next steps:


Shane will set us up in PF workspace


Meetings as needed







  1. Research, build out an environment for collaboration Learn Central or Wiki or Google Site. (possibly with support from PF)
  2. Build a community of collaborators/audience: INCLUDES Marketing and recruiting: Plan channels, message content for getting participants involved.
  3. Identify topics - Choose larger themes then get input for the granularity - Possible themes:
    1. Inquiry - 1) creating a culture of inquiry 2)  arousing curiosity, caring, ownership of the project 3) Tinkering under the hood 4) Reflection and self-assessment
    2. Keeping the project on the rails
    3. Evaluating learning-> There's a second opportunity that's not part of this series -
    4. TBD - respond to, dig deeper into topics from 1 + 2 + 3 based on events/audience interest


Prep for Launch

  1. Identify several speaker/practitioners - ones who exemplify the thinking/behaviors that matter within the context of theirs projects. Each instance generalizes to the theme and audience.
  2. Build out slides or examples (video, expert voices
  3. Incorporate into Elluminate environment, prep for moderation



  1. Deliver, moderate three 3 events, one hour each.
  2. (optional) Offer each event twice in same day to accomodate time zones/preferences/schedules of participants



  1. (Open) Plan with Project Foundry for next stages of engagement with these or new participants


Shane - Project Foundery hosted "How to better leverage...", and unconference model.

People enjoyed the "back porch" community and "water cooler" conversation.


Twitter - Accelerated dissemination.


Planning and promotion necessary. Jane wants to get the online experience to work better.

Threaded chats per each theme, showing up in one window. Tweetdeck - set up several discussions at first.

Twitter has set up listservs, example: PBL + initiating event


Assumed audience: 

Are experienced with projects, can generalize (not adhering so strongly to a model that they can't see the bigger picture), all are interested in fine-tuning. Many will want to help put this together.



1) twitter

2) respond to the thread

3) attend the event, discuss in backchannel


From good to great - to make sure you are serving people... preprelaunch, prelaunch, launch

Incubation of ideas, from there we structure our approach. 


Shane will look at tools for interaction. Webinar platforms, tweetdeck, Facebook (functionality has: discussion, promote, IM for gathering people, push out news)

Suzie looks at projects that exemplify themes/processes many care about.

Jane looks at both and considers critical themes.


Event sponsored by Project Foundry. 

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