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ISTE  Innovative Educators' Express Webinar, Reinventing Project-based Learning



Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 1:00 Pacific/4:00 Eastern

Join Suzie and Jane and moderator Betsy Lowry in this interactive Webinar. Learn about the new book, Reinventing Project-Based Learning, and explore the essential learning functions of digital tools that support rich and meaningful projects.


 Session Resources

*NEW* 10/26/07: Reinventing PBL Session Slides:Reinventing-ISTE.ppt

*NEW* 10/26/07 in all its messy glory - your responses to our prompts


 1. Participant's Space

Go here to add questions and comments, anything we don't have time for in the session.


 2. Reinventing PBL - Book Resources


3. Reinvented Projects


4. Essential Learning Functions

A brief look: Essential Learning Functions

Book ExcerptEssential Learning Functions2.pdf


5. Reinvented Professional Learning

Learning from Blogging Educators

Learning in New Social Environments

Learning by Doing - Join a Project



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