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PBL Genetics Unit sketch

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PBL – Genetics Unit Sketch -- Genetic Disorder Pod Cast
            In Biology 2A we examine, with greater detail than 1A, the chemical nature of heredity. I want to go farther than the double helix base pair modeling. I would like to have students understand the ramifications of the human genome project and be able to describe how our knowlege about heredity can be applied to our understanding about genetic illnesses.
            I plan to use learn.genetics website to guide the project.  The abstract that they use to describe the project is as follows:  "Students will form groups (Task Forces) to research genetic disorders and then develop a public health policy on screening newborn infants for those disorders. Each group/Task Force then prepares a podcast script and recording to the class. Each student will choose and assume a role to play on their Task Force, approaching the assignment from the perspective of that role." 

        The roles that might make up the task force/group can include th following

Patient/parent of an infant with a disorder

Genetic counselor




Insurance company/lobbyist



Assessing prior knowledge: 
 - content for mendelian genetics assessed - then reviewed as needed
-  knowledge of genetic diseases
- pre-opinion of  public health policy (in answer to the question, "If you had a newborn child, would you want it to be tested for genetic disorders?")
Anticipatory Set – Making Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty
specifically the skit presented -  video clips           
Background: the Genetic Counseling topic is designed to present a sort of real life relevance. It also provides a template of a script, which is a part of the product that I want the students to produce. 
Genetic disorder chosen from the content found in the  Genetics Disorder Library –
each student will then report findings in a google doc from their initial research 
Project Introduced:  After students report on genetic disorders, they will have the essential background neccessary to begin working in groups.  the following teaching resource will be used as a template for presenting the project and the specific roles that students will play in developing their podcast scripts: Lesson planning  
More Resources for this unit:


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