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Reinventing PBL Table of Contents

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Section I: Anticipation

Chapter 1: Mapping the Journey--Seeing the Big Picture

Assess your readiness to begin teaching with technology-rich, authentic projects.

Technology Focus:  Social Bookmarking


Chapter 2: Creating a Professional Learning Community

Engage with colleagues, near or far, to build collaboration into project design and enrich your teaching practices.

Technology Focus: Online Communities


Section II: Packing Up

Chapter 3: Imagining the Possibilities

Establish the conceptual framework for your project. Why do “big ideas” matter in project design?

Technology Focus: Why Use a Wiki? {AU: OK? There are two TFs in this chapter.}

Technology Focus: Essential Learning Functions of Digital Tools, the Internet, and Web 2.0


Chapter 4: Strategies for Discovery

How do you begin designing a project? A guided design process helps, whether you build a project from scratch or adapt an existing project plan to meet your needs.

Technology Focus: Track Assets Online


Chapter 5: Project Management Strategies for Teachers and Learners

Teachers and learners alike benefit from improving their project management skills.

Technology Focus: Project Management with Technology


Section III: Navigating the Learning Experience

Chapter 6: Project Launch--Implementation Strategies

Get your project off to the right start by generating curiosity and preparing students for the active learning ahead.

Technology Focus: Screencasting


Chapter 7: A Guiding Hand--Keeping a Project Moving

Consider the critical roles of classroom discussions, technology use, and troubleshooting strategies in keeping the project moving forward.

Technology Focus: Podcasting


Section IV: Expanding Your Circle

Chapter 8: Building Connections and Branching Out

Successful projects may take off in directions you did not anticipate. Imagine the possibilities for extensions and connections.

Technology Focus: Online Collaboration


Chapter 9: Making Assessment Meaningful

Near the end of the project, you put your formal assessment plan to use. With 21st-century projects, teachers are incorporating new approaches to make assessment more meaningful. 

Technology Focus: Online Grade Books


Chapter 10: Celebrating and Reflecting

Culminating activities remind learners of where they have been and what they have gained along the way.

Technology Focus: Photo Sharing


Section V: Unpacking

Chapter 11: Bringing It Home

Build time for reflection and sharing into the project life cycle to make the most of your investment in meaningful curriculum design.



Appendix A: Essential Learning Functions of Digital Tools

Examine a wide array of digital tools through the lens of the essential learning they make possible.


Appendix B: ISTE National Education Technology Standards for Students 

The new NETS*S express what students should know and be able to do to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly digital world.


Appendix C: Reading Group Guide--Questions for Discussion

Chapter-by-chapter questions are provided to prompt discussions and encourage reflection about your own practice.


Appendix D: Bibliography


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