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Reinventing Project-Based Learning Summer Course Wiki Space

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The password for editing this wiki is rpbl


Reinventing Project-Based Learning Summer Course

  Wiki Space


All Things That Would Be Paper

Here is a RPBL_Course Syllabus

One version of PBL Instructional Design Processes.doc

Assessment Timeline by Jamie Assess. Timeline.doc


Student Workspaces

Find Student Notes and Sandbox Pages (and make more pages) from here


Course Schedule  *Note* Each date below links to that day's agenda and resources

Week 1

    Tuesday      July 8      9:00-12:00

    Thursday    July 10     9:00-12:00

Week 2

    Tuesday July 15         9:00-12:00

    Wednesday July 16    9:00-12:00    

    Thursday July 17       9:00-12:00          Open Lab

Week 3

    Tuesday July 22         9:00-12:00

    Wednesday July 23    9:00-12:00          Open Lab

    Thursday July 24       9:00-12:00

Week 4

    Tuesday July 29         9:00-12:00

    WednesdayJuly 30     9:00-12:00          Open Lab

    Thursday July 31       10:00-12:00        Regular Session

                                   12:00-1:00          Brownbag Lunch

                                   1:00-3:00            Open House



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