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Sarah Jones

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Sarah's Project on iWeb: http://web.mac.com/sarahjones1983

Sarah Jones's Project Outline

JKrauss Review: Sarah's Project Plan


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Sarah's Space







Classroom Website
Willagillespie Elementary











Link to Sarah's Project Outline



Project Sketch: The Quest to Freedom


In fifth grade social science, we study American History, focusing specifically on the colonization of America and the path to the American Revolution. Instead of just reading about the events I want students to take a closer look at the idea of freedom. What kind of people seek freedom, what do they seek freedom from, what is the cost of freedom, what are the responsibilities of freedom? I believe these questions are not just relevant to history, but they are relevant to events that are happenning presently and the events that are still to come. Students will have to compare differing groups of differing times quests of freedom to determine commonalities and differeneces in regards to the questions above. Students create a, "Guide to Freedom" that describes the previous questions. They will have the creative freedom to determine the medium from which their project is derived. However, they will have to incorporate specific elements in their product. 

Students will collect information in a student journal binder. Anything they want to sketch, jot down, paste, or attach that will allow them to research their topic should go in thier journal.

A rubric will define core learning outcomes and guide their work.

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