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Tapped In session 1 transcript

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years ago

Room: Web2Tools_Grp

BjB: |** ANNOUNCEMENT: The Web 2.0 Tools discussion is starting in the group room. The topic is Project Based Learning. To participate type /join LynneW **|

BJB2: if you see this you are in the right room and don't need to type anything

LynneW: Thank BJ

KB: I'm from Glendora, CA

MarciaBe: Sarasota, FL

JaneKr: Hi Everyone, from Eugene, Oregon

SuzieB: Hi from Portland, Oregon

BJB2: A reminder if you are new to tapped In to go to the Actions menu in the top right of the chat screen and detach

BeckySa: different time zones i see

DavidW is in New Jersey

BJB2: I'm in Pennsylvania

JeffC: I'm on Helpdesk here along with Bj and David... and am in Forest Grove, Oregon.

BeckySa: maybe one of these days i can visit each state mentioned.

LynneW: BJ - shall we get started?

LynneW: I would like to introduce our two guest speakers; Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss. They will give us a lot to think about this evening. First, let's introduce ourselves.

LynneW: I teach ed tech at Concordia University.

JaniceSG: I'm in the EdTech masters program at Arizona State University.

KB: I direct/teach an Online MA in Ed Tech program at Azusa Pacific University

BeckySa: I am a student at the university of texas-pan american majoring in bilingual education with minor in speical education

BJB2 teaches remedial communication in a male juvenile correctional facility in Pennsylvania

MarciaBe: I teach F2F information systems and business statistics at Webber International University and Strategies for Success (and others) for SouthUniversityOnline

SusanR: I am an Occasional Teacher in Ontario..today Kindergarten

JaneKr: I'm an curriculum and program writer, tech coach, and author

PeggyG: I'm a recently retired teacher educator from the faculty of Arizona State University-West Campus in the College of Teacher Education and Leadership.

SuzieB: I'm a longtime journalist focusing on education.

BeckySa: susan, here in texas we would call your position as substitute teacher

SusanR: Honestly..we are called OTs here

JaneKr: It's got a nice ring to it!

LynneW: Suzie and Jane, please begin. Tells us about your new book and how you want to structure out time together.

JaneKr: Hi, all.

DavidW: I'm one of the HelpDesk volunteers and I mostly work with teachers helping them learn more about using educational technology

JaneKr: Before we begin I'd like to orient you to the materials we'll reference

JaneKr: In the featured items section of Clrm 2.0 you will find links and files. We'll refer to these later, particularly the Reinventing PBL Wiki. OK?

SuzieB: Our new book is Reinventing Project-Based learning. We focus on the promise that Web 2.0 tool bring to projects--new possibilities for deeper learning.

SuzieB: The book offers both a guided process for project design...

SuzieB: and examples from teachers around the world.

KB: sounds great!

SuzieB: We're eager to share their wisdom!

BeckySa: excellent

JaneKr: Don't look right now, but we included an excerpt of the book that refers specifically to tonight's topic

BeckySa: like to keep us in suspense hey?

SuzieB: For starters, take a look at the book flyer.

SuzieB: It's under files in Featured Items.

SuzieB: Take just a minute to read--it's brief!

KB: sounds like a great resource for my global learning class!

SuzieB: Absolutely!

SuzieB: Many of the featured projects connect classrooms across the globe.

KB smiles broadly

JaneKr: We hope this gives you a sense of the book and at end of the session we'll be happy to answer any questions about it.

BJB2 . o O ( a reminder that Linda Ullah leads a monthly discussion on GPBL and is scheduled for next Thursday )

JaneKr: As you might imagine, writing a book is a project!

DavidW smiles

JaneKr: Suzie and I used some new tools to write the book

JaneKr: We live 100 miles apart, so we had five "killer apps" that let us function at a distance

BJB2: very cool

KB: technology at it's best

JaneKr: They were: email (of course), a wiki, del.icio.us...

JaneKr: Skype and Google docs

LynneW thinks that's a pretty good list

JeffC: great hybrid approach

JaneKr: Now since writing the book we have a blog, a new wiki, and a flickr photosharing group related to the topic

JaneKr: So, it's been fun!

JaneKr: Any questions so far?

MarciaBe: Was your wiki password protected?

KB: what types of categories do you use for the PBLs?

JaneKr: No, would you like to look at the wiki?

Lynne W: How did you two "hook up" and how did you find your internationally based teachers?

MarciaBe: I'd love a peek.....

MarciaBe: I just wondered if you were working on the book if you would want everyone else to see it.

JaneKr: We'll take these one at a time, and so you can track, we'll use your first name to start the answer

SuzieB: Lynne, Jane and I worked together previously--on the Intel Innovation in Education project.

SuzieB: We realized we both were advocates of PBL--and

SuzieB: and we were seeing some outstanding examples of innovation around the world.

SuzieB: The book gave us a chance to dig deeper.

JaneKr: MArcia B asked about the wiki, I'll put the link in our new wiki, OK?

JaneKr: KB asked about categories in pbl.

SuzieB: For finding exemplary teachers, we used the edublogging community as a powerful resource--along with other networks.

JaneKr: Not sure what you mean precisely but these tend to be interdisciplinary as you migth imagine, but at their core they might be science, social studies or one content area more than the others

KB: actually I was thinking more of the types of PBL's if that makes sense

JaneKr: can you elaborate?

KB: so basically they are curriculum/subject oriented

KB: grouped that way?

JaneKr: The examples, sprinkled throughout the book, vary in scope, content focus, degree of technology use.

JaneKr: The projects aren't really listed, they serve as illustrations of important concepts relating to pbl

LynneW: How is the book organized (thinking chapters)

KB: so you have it grouped by pbl concepts

KB: ok gotcha

KB . o O ( is plotting how she will use it in her program! )

JaneKr: I'm going to put the Table of Contents up in the Wiki so you can see!

SuzieB: It follows the arc of a project.

SuzieB: From planning to launch to implementation to troubleshooting...

PeggyG: I had a chance to preview your book by looking at your NECC PPT that you had in the links and it looks like a fantastic resource both for PBL and tech tools!

SuzieB: on to sharing results, etc.

JaneKr: We like to imagine this used for self-study, or better, for professional learning communities, whether that's a small team of teachers, a preservice class...

SuzieB: Thanks, Peggy!

JaneKr: We're trying to merge the two! Thanks!

SuzieB: For today, we want to dig into just one topic--project management.

SuzieB: It's a critical 21st-century skill for both teachers and students.

SuzieB: It's often a new topic--but an important one!

SuzieB: And Web 2.0 tools provide essential help with project management.

JaneKr: And in project-based learning it's essential! All those kids, teams working on lots of parts of a project over time.

KB nods in agreement

SuzieB: Can you think of some ways that project management is important?

SuzieB: Tracking timelines and milestones, for instance?

SuzieB: Collaborating with team members?

LynneW: documenting progress

PeggyG: I loved your quote in your presentation--it's not about technology but wha you want to accomplish and how technology helps you do it. With the web 2.0 tools it deepens the quality of the projects incredibly!

KB: communicating progress of tasks

SuzieB: Excellent examples--

JaneKr: So... lots of ways to do it... right?

SuzieB: the excerpt on the wiki gives a little more detail.

JaneKr: YES, so. Briefly, you could keep it as simple as having folders on desktops or the school server for student work

JaneKr: Or using course management or learning management systems.

JaneKr: OR use tons and tons of paper

SuzieB smiles

LynneW can't imagine...

PeggyG: PBL seems like such an involved, complex challenge for teachers. Do you think beginning teachers can do it?

JaneKr: We kind of run through the gamut in Chapter 5, but here we'll settle in on Personalized Homepages aka Virtual Desktops

JaneKr: aka Startpages... they are called a lot of different things and I suppose it will settle out one day.

JaneKr: Anyone heard of these?

SuzieB: Peggy--let's come back to your question in a minute.  It's important!

LynneW: Virtual desktops but haven't used them.

PeggyG: Personalized homepages sound like a wonderful way to keep the project organized and on track.

JaneKr: A few examples (and we'll look at them) are Protopage, Netvibes, iGoogle, My Yahoo

KB: like googlepages?

JaneKr: Not google docs, no. but the google service used to be called Google Personalized Desktop, is now iGoogle.

PeggyG: Yes, iGoogle homepage has become my new best friend. ☺

SuzieB: Excellent!

JaneKr: So... what are these? They are simply a way for you to personalize your Web experience and even use Web applets and widgets to create and manage stuff.

SuzieB: You set them up how YOU want to see them.

KB: my students love it - allows you to get to the depth of the assignment without teaching dreamweaver

SuzieB: Yes, exactly.

JaneKr: personalized offices support an assortment of handy tools including Web mail, calendars, notepads, and news and blog feeds, to name just a few.

JaneKr: (straight from Chapter 5!)

SuzieB: Are you seeing how some of those apps would support project managment?

JaneKr: Ready to look at one?

PeggyG: Yes!

JaneKr: Super!

MarciaBe: Yes, please.

SusanR: indeed

JaneKr: Go to Featured items -> Links-> Reinventing PBL wiki

BJB2: http://reinventingpbl.pbwiki.com/

SuzieB: Everybody there?

MarciaBe: Yes

JaneKr: We are going to go to the second page, which links from the bottom

JaneKr: Content and Tools

JaneKr: Let us know if you are having any difficulty

JaneKr: This page organizes a lot of today's session. See the Book Exceprt in section 2? First bullet?

JaniceSG: Got it!

PeggyG: I'm there. :-) That's where I did my browsing this afternoon. This is a great way to organize your materials. :-)

JaneKr: NOW the second bullet is one of these tools at work.

JaneKr smiles

JaneKr: Under section two, sorry

JaneKr: Look for the link "virtual desktop or start page"

JaneKr: Here’s the direct link: http://reinventingpbl.pbwiki.com/Web-links-for-content-and-tools-discussed-in-the-Tapped-In-session

SuzieB: This is from the Flat Classroom Project--designed by two teachers (who had never met before in person).

BJB2: http://reinventingpbl.pbwiki.com/Web+links+for+content+and+tools+discussed+in+the+Tapped+In+session

SuzieB: One in Georgia in the US, the other in Bangladesh.

SuzieB: This Protopage example is from Bangladesh.

SuzieB: Front page is one the teacher made with all the critical project information.

SuzieB: Can you imagine this helping get students oriented at the start of a project?

SuzieB: And keeping them organized as they dig in?

JaniceSG: For sure

LynneW: Great container to give form and direction.

JaneKr: Yeah, a container is a good way to talk about it

SuzieB: Notice a few widgets there--

SuzieB: news aggregator

JaneKr: The links she thinks the kids need,

KB: like a collaborative notebook

SuzieB: yes, exactly

JaneKr: A note about 10 habits of bloggers who win (they sent this up for judging and won!)

SuzieB: which they can all see from any networked computer

SuzieB: This project paired students from opposite sides of the world

SuzieB: they had to work around timezones, distance, etc.

JaneKr: From home, study group... across the ocean...

SuzieB: So, staying organized was essential!

KB: who has control over the editing/adding - just thinking about things getting erased

SuzieB: Students control their own pages.

JaniceSG: Are there any backup capabilities?

JaneKr: The top page was built by the teacher tho, and exported to the students. It was the base page for their own stack of protopages. See the tabs at top?

JaneKr: This is all Web based, so I guess you have to trust the provider!

JaneKr: This was all in the project process phase, not the whole product.

SuzieB: The project also used a wiki--which gave teachers a look at exactly who contributed content, and when.

JaneKr: This is one team's virtual office. Look at the other tabs, which are pages they organized to their liking, to their logic

SuzieB: Take a minute to explore....

JaniceSG: The tabs can be renamed, right?

SuzieB: Yes--again, a choice made by user.

JaneKr: You’d hope so. These need work!

SuzieB: These were high school students, by the way.

JaneKr: OK, we're going to look at some others in a while.

KB: did they pick up the use of the tool pretty quickly?

SuzieB: Yes!

SuzieB: Digital natives, to be sure!

JaneKr: I want you to notice in the wiki, we have a few reviews you can read that talk about the differences between the ones offered. Netvibes v. Protopage, etc.

SuzieB: It's also good to note that these pages can be simplified, if that serves your instructional purpose better.

JaneKr: The one review that lists something like 13 or 14 of these has a table at the bottom that compares the function

KB: are you referring to the wiki quick links?

SuzieB: 2nd page of wiki, yes

JaneKr: Yes, Content and tools, Section 2 the third link I think

JaneKr: Suffice to say, these all function a little differently, have plusses and minuses, so we encourage you to fool around in them yourself and then imagine ways to use for school

JaneKr: So, let's do that now!

SuzieB: We started by talking about project management--

SuzieB: So, keep an eye out for features that would support that.

JeffC goes afk as this is back to school night... great session!  ttyl

JaneKr: Right. So, on the wiki, section 3 of Content and Tools

SuzieB: thanks, Jeff!

JaneKr: you'll see links to five of the ones used most commonly in edu (by my estimation)

JeffC throws in http://www.thinkwave.com  (before he leaves)... collaborative MS Office tools (Powerpoint especially)

JaneKr: Cool Jeff

KB: did you keep  everyone using the same web tool?

JeffC: oops... thinkwave is a grading program... i meant thinkfree!  http://thinkfree.com/common/main.tfo

JaneKr: So, I encourage you to look at these five and later if you have strong feelings about one or the other, write about it in our wiki!

SuzieB: Yes--the 2 Flat Classroom teachers chose a different tool.

JaneKr: Yes Georgia was in Netvibes

SuzieB: It was a complex project--but took only 2 weeks.

KB: that's amazing

SuzieB: So, students were highlly productive.

SuzieB: yes!

SuzieB: Earlier, someone asked about beginning teachers and project.

SuzieB: This is not a beginning teacher's example!

KB: that shows that the tool was easy enough to not get in the way of the task that needs to be done

SuzieB: However, we found many young teachers having great success with the project approach.

SuzieB: Yes, the tool is very much in support of the project.

SuzieB: learning the tool is NOT the project!

MarciaBe: How about 'old' teachers?

SuzieB smiles

SuzieB: "Old" teachers are also PBL advocates!

JaniceSG: You mean "experienced" teachers, right? ;-)

SuzieB: And, many are using new tools--

LynneW laughs out loud

SuzieB: They often learn from their students!

JaneKr: On the Web nobody knows you're a dog… or old

SusanR: "seasoned" teachers

SuzieB chuckles

MarciaBe: Seasoning adds spice :-)

JaneKr smiles

JaniceSG smiles

SuzieB: Didn't mean to distract you from looking at these pages....

PeggyG: Did you see the feature article in Ed Week this week on PBL-"No Easy Project." Very interesting and captures the dilemma many teachers struggle with whether they are beginners or veterans--the tests don't measure what they're learning and they often feel they need to focus on preparing for the tests rather than learning. :-(

LynneW: We have just about 5 minutes by my clock.

PeggyG: Oh how time flies!! We need more. :-)

JaneKr: Yes it's a real issue in this age of NCLB, very discrete tests...

SuzieB: However, good projects get at essential learning--

SuzieB: and make it memorable.

PeggyG: Yes they do!!

JaneKr: Everyone agrees that 21st c skills are essential, but when do we teach them?

KB: You have put together a great resource site

JaneKr: how to do it but through authentic work that matters to kids?

SuzieB: The projects we highlight work backward from learning goals.

SuzieB: So, project design is critical.

SuzieB: (Thanks, KB!)

PeggyG: That's one of the big challenges, even for teachers. They need to learn how to use the tools and how they can support their instruction before they feel comfortable using them with students.

JaneKr: One final note about these personalized desktops, OK?

SuzieB: We encourage teachers--all of us--to use these tools in our own lives, too.

SuzieB: So, we model being learners.

JaneKr: Please note, not all of them allow you to export a page like the one we saw. That's a pretty great function and they are all going that way, but for now, before you start using, be aware.

SuzieB: Yes, it's important to explore and experiment yourself--so you are confident it's the right tool for you and your students

SuzieB: Time for questions?

PeggyG: Yes, definitely. The tool needs to match the project.

JaneKr: And... since we are running out of time, I'll add a page to the wiki where you can ask questions and we'll just open it up

MarciaBe: Was there a place that just the two of you could collaborate on your book and no one else could see?

PeggyG: Sounds good. These resources provide us with some great starting points to explore further on our own. Thanks a lot!

SuzieB: Marcia--our wiki was passwork protected while we were writing.

MarciaBe: Thanks, I wasn't sure if that was possible.

JaneKr: ALSO in Tapped in we have a discussion thread and we'd love your ideas

SuzieB: We also invite you all to join our conversation on our blog.

SuzieB: We want to continue the dialogue about PBL with digital tools.

LynneW: Thank you two so very much.

MarciaBe: Thank you for the great energy, ideas, and help.

LynneW applauds our guests

JaneKr: This was so fun! Too short!

SuzieB: Thank you all for joining!

JaniceSG: Thanks so much!

KB: Good luck with the launch of your book - kudos to you both!

MarciaBe: When will the book be available?

JeffC left the room (signed off).

LynneW: WAIT

JaneKr: November!

LynneW: This just in!

PeggyG: Can't wait to see your book.

LynneW: Our guests have agreed to return next month for part two of this discussion.

DavidW: Good job, Lynne

JaniceSG: Wonderful!!!

PeggyG: Hooray! I'll look forward to it. Thanks.

JaneKr: Looking forward to it! Bring your friends!

MarciaBe: See you then. Thanks and good night.

SuzieB: We're delighted to come back!

BJB2 goes to put that on the calendar

PeggyG: Maybe we can get Vicki and Julie to join us for that session. :-)

LynneW: Tell your friends and neighbors - this is a unique opportunity.

SuzieB thanks all--good night!

LynneW: Good night all! Thank you for coming. See you next month. Play with the tools, write something on the wiki, and come on back.

KB: Thanks!

SuzieB: See you all then!

DavidW: Thanks, Lynne. Excellent topic

PeggyG: Do we communicate on the wiki or blog?

JaneKr: Bye all!

DavidW: . o O ( BOTH! )

SuzieB: Either, Peggy--wiki is more open-ended.

JaneKr: Yep, either, both

PeggyG: Grins. :-) I prefer wikis myself.

LynneW: You bet David

JaneKr: Yes many to many v. one to many

PeggyG: That's it!!!

JaniceSG left the room (signed off).

PeggyG: Can we add Skype to TappedIn conversations?

JaneKr: You know, I think they are adding voice, is that right Lynne?

LynneW: We could try it.

JaneKr: Suzie and i were skyping as we went along

LynneW: Jane I hadn't heard they were adding voice.

MarciaBe left the room (signed off).

JaneKr: I thought I saw it on the tapped in homepage

PeggyG: That would be fun. So you could have added up to 10 people in the conference call, right?

SusanR: Yes, I was skyping with my partner, Camiille in my last K to 3+ Geat Resources session

LynneW: We could try Skyping. Unfortunately, that would not be transcribed during the session.

JaneKr: We forgot to say we are doing a Webinar next month for ISTE.

SusanR: that is a negative of course to skyping in Tappedin

JaneKr: We'll put the link in the Wiki so you can join if you like

PeggyG: Right--but we'd also have the chat. I know that the WOW2 women use both Skype to record for their podcasts and the chat room.

LynneW: I'll post that information in discussion and it will go out to everyone. Can you give the details?

LynneW: For the ISTE webinar

JaneKr: Sure, I'll send

SusanR: thanks for a GREAT session

LynneW: Heart hugs to you both for an excellent session.

PeggyG: WEbinars cost money, right?

JaneKr: uhhh this one does but it's inexpensive for ISTE members

SuzieB: Back to you, Lynne! Thanks for inviting us.

JaneKr: I should say "less expensive"

SusanR left the room (signed off).

LynneW: Suzie and Jane, let's plan a way to think about the structure of the next session.

PeggyG: Thanks for sharing!! "Less expensive" is true. With so many free things such as TappedIn, podcasts, , k12online conference, etc. it's hard to pay for them.

LynneW: In your timeframe. With whatever tool you want.

PeggyG: Bye for now. Thanks a lot!

JaneKr: I agree!

LynneW: Bye Peggy

JaneKr: OH! Or a tour of projects WW and the tools that support them?

JaneKr waves goodbye to peggy

LynneW: OH....they would like that.

SuzieB: Some great examples to share.

SuzieB: And, a range of starting places/comfort levels/etc.

LynneW: Perhaps with a focus on each as a quality project for a particular part of the process.

JaneKr: yeah... We could start broad and then dig into one topic... OR we could look at Essential Learning Functions (a scheme for organizing tools by what they help us accomplish)

JaneKr: Lynne I like your idea!

JaneKr: Let's think on that one

LynneW: OK -- let me now how I can help.

JaneKr: That's how the book is organized so it's easy for us to find our examples!!!!

SuzieB: We'll follow up later about dates, right?

LynneW: The next Web 2.0 Tools session is October 18th.

LynneW: Please get it on your calendars before something else lands there. (smile)

SuzieB smiling!

JaneKr: OK. Done.

SuzieB: OK--thanks for hosting, Lynne!

JaneKr:  Thanks so much for this opportunity.

ChandraJ joined the room.

JaneKr waves

SuzieB waves

LynneW waves goodbye

SuzieB left the room (signed off).

JaneKr left the room (signed off).

2007.09.20 18:14:28     Signoff


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