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UO Grad Grp

Page history last edited by jkrauss 14 years, 3 months ago

Hi Jane and Judith,

Here is an update on classroom for Friday night's presentaiton. Also in the

email is a list of folks to invite.

Let me know if there are any other concerns. Thanks again to both of you for

your assistance on this.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Jesse Papineau <papineau@uoregon.edu>

Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 1:35 PM

Subject: Jane Krauss Presentation

To: Lynne Anderson-Inman <lynneandrs@gmail.com>, Lynne Anderson-Inman <


Cc: Jerry Rosiek <jrosiek@uoregon.edu>


The class will be meeting in HEDCO 220 on Friday for this presentation.

Doctoral Students:

"Carla McNelly" <mcnelly@uoregon.edu>,

"Casey Tiemann" <tiemann@4j.lane.edu>,

"Daniel Ramirez" <dramirez@uoregon.edu>,

"Divya Bheda" <dbheda@uoregon.edu>,

"James Garcia" <garciaj@lanecc.edu>,

"Jay Breslow" <breslow@gmail.com>,

"Johnny Lake" <jalake@uoregon.edu>,

"Jonathon Henderson" <hendersonuo@gmail.com>,

"Julia Heffernan" <jheffern@uoregon.edu,


"Leilani Sabzalian" <msleilei@yahoo.com, leilanis@uoregon.edu>,

"Marko Mwipopo" <mmwipopo@uoregon.edu>,

"Sabrina Case" <sabrina.case@gmail.com>,

"Shadiin Garcia" <shadiin@gmail.com>,

"Susan Dwoskin" <dwoskin@4j.lane.edu>,

"Tina Gutierez-Schmich" <tschmich@uoregon.edu>,

"Zelda Haro" <zlharo@gmail.com>,


"Edward M. Olivos" <emolivos@uoregon.edu>,

"Lynne Anderson" <lynneai@uoregon.edu>,

"Jill Baxter" <jabaxter@uoregon.edu>,

"Joanna Goode" <goodej@uoregon.edu>,

"Ron Beghetto" <beghetto@uoregon.edu>,

"Jerry Rosiek" <jrosiek@uoregon.edu>,


Let me know if you need any additional information.



-- Jesse Papineau Administrative Program Assistant Education Studies Department 5277 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97403 Phone (541)346.5968, Fax (541)346.3556

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